Advanced Drama

Welcome to Advanced Drama!

Advanced Drama is a performance-oriented, project-based class focused on the application of theatrical stage and performance principles, including performing, writing & directing monologues, duets and ensemble scripts. Students will work consistently, in and out of class, to achieve or exceed their desired potential.  Most importantly, this class is meant to train and prepare students who are serious about acting.  It is assumed that all students have mastered the basic elements of stage, and are prepared to work in a disciplined and professional manner. 


Narrator 1- Molly Varozza

Narrator 2- Anna Carlson

The Princesses

Belle- Robyn Hood

Cinderella- Cassie Hamilton

Elli The Snow Queen- Ashley Finnell

Snow White- Karly Rosenbauer

Cinderella's Guards

Guard 1- Cameron Meeks

Guard 2- Sam Hancoop

Guard 3- Andrew Swart

Elli's Soldiers

Soldier 1- Lizzie Garrison

Soldier 2- Madi Grandlund

Soldier 3- Charllee Dodson

Team Belle

French Soldier 1- Madi Grandlund

French Soldier 2- Cassidy Raddigan

French Soldier 3- Ben Fields

King- Zach Carter

Smeagol- Chad Fowler

Prince Charming- Leo Davidson

French Prince- Brian Dole

Animated Snowman- Cameron Chaney

Blood Packet Guy- Carolyn Shore

Executioner- Jennelle Tidwell

Dwarf- Cameron Chaney

Talking Candle Guy- Cameron Chaney

Talking Teapot Lady- Charllee Dodson

Herald- Charllee Dodson